Modder "Fixes" Dark Souls PC Resolution Issues
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Modder "Fixes" Dark Souls PC Resolution Issues

UPDATE: On his blog, Durante claims he was working on a DLL intercept, which is what allowed him to deliver this fix, ahead of the game’s release. Thus, he was able to release the fix in such a timely fashion.

Dark Souls on PC no longer has a fixed resolution, all thanks to a skilled fan on NeoGAF.

NeoGAF user “Durante” managed to release the fix in less than 30 minutes, though it comes with come caveats.

“People really shouldn’t order the game and expect to play the whole thing at high res just yet,” he warned players. “Again: No one knows yet how well (or if at all) this works for the entire game!”

The difference is impressive, though. Check it out:

The celebration around FromSoftware’s decision to bring Dark Souls to PC was followed by grumbling over limitations of the port that From Software outlined as development continued.

“To be completely honest, we’re having a tough time doing it due to our lack of experience and knowledge in terms of porting to PC,” said producer Daisuke Uchiyama to Eurogamer earlier this year. “First we thought it would be a breeze, but it’s turned out not to be the case. We’re still developing right now–we’re crunching right now.”

Namco Bandai hasn’t responded to my request for comment yet. Specifically, whether Namco Bandai and FromSoftware intends to patch out Durante’s resolution workaround in a future update for Dark Souls on PC.


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