Motorstorm RC free to US Vita owners
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Motorstorm RC free to US Vita owners

The Vita version of Motorstorm RC will be free from the US PlayStation Store for a limited time.

The racer launches in the US from March 6 and will be be free to all takers for an unspecified period.

The promotion comes courtesy of Scion; the manufacturer’s iQ is exclusive to the Vita version.

The PlayStation 3 version also launches tomorrow, for $9.99 or $7.49 if you’re a PS Plus subscriber. In Europe, purchasing one version gives you a free copy of the other, but that’s not the case in the US – you certainly won’t get the PS3 version as a reward for downloading the Vita release while it’s free.

Motorstorm RC was developed by the core Motorstorm franchise team, Evolution, and has a Micro Machines-esque vibe. it’s lots of fun and ridiculously cheap.


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