MSL Curiosity Mars Landing Retold Through Minecraft
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MSL Curiosity Mars Landing Retold Through Minecraft

A redditor named Bersonic has put together a series of Minecraft screenshots to depict the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars today.

The purpose of the Curiosity is to collect samples from the surface of Mars, and potentially find evidence of life on the Red Planet.

Curiosity approaches Mars

Curiosity approaches Mars after an 8 and 1/2 month flight through deep-space.

Cruise stage sepperation

Curiosity ejects its solar panel in preparation for entry. Velocity: 11,000 mph


Curiosity enters the martian atmosphere Velocity: 13,000 mph

Parachute deployment

Curiosity deploys its parachute 7 miles above the surface. At this point curiosity has decelerated to 900mph.

Sky Crane Maneuver

After cutting the parachute, Curiosity's sky crane powers up its rockets and brings the rover to a screeching halt above Gale Crater. 20m above the surface the crane lowers the rover down to the surface on a set of cables.

Curiosity has landed!

Curiosity has landed! over the next two years the rover will collect data from the crater helping scientist find the ingredients for life on mars!


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