NBA 2K Online Gets October 24 Release Date In China, Backed By Tencent
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NBA 2K Online Gets October 24 Release Date In China, Backed By Tencent

Take-Two and 2K Sports are finally making good on their promise to bring their reining, undisputed top NBA franchise to China. NBA 2K Online will debut in the region on October 24th.

In a partnership with gaming giant Tencent, NBA 2K Online will hope to capitalize on the thriving PC market, which fuels tons of MMORPG titles and online franchises.

If everyone plays their cards right, NBA 2K Online could become and extremely profitable venture for both groups.

2K China’s official English website for the game hasn’t been updated in a while, but NBA 2K Online is a confirmed free-to-play title that will feature plenty of social media-inclined modes.

Tencent (and by extension, 2K China) have come under a little bit of scrutiny for their marketing and advertising campaign, which features scantily-clad Chinese models as cheerleaders, rather than actual basketball players.

Tencent Holdings Limited is covering a lot of ground in Chinese gaming with this deal, also partnering with Activision for Call of Duty Online and acquiring Riot Games. They also bought a piece of Epic Games recently, buying an announced minority portion of the company’s stock.


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