NCSoft Conference Call Confirms Console Version of Guild Wars 2
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NCSoft Conference Call Confirms Console Version of Guild Wars 2

How many times have we heard an MMO developer tell us that there will soon be a console version of the game? Champions Online, All Points Bulletinand even my own beloved Star Trek Online all failed to make the jump. DC Universe made it, but with little fanfare or praise for doing so. Yet it is strange news today which confirms the NCSoft will be bringing their Guild Wars franchise to consoles, a move which is sure to get a few raised eyebrows from die hard fans.

Ever since Blizzard brought World of Warcraft down a few notches in complexity, people have been searching high and low for a new MMO. Fans of the game were split between Star Wars: The Old Republic, or if they wanted to stay out of Lucas realm in case he changed it every 30 seconds, Guild Wars 2. Both games have been highly anticipated, so news that Guild Wars 2 is console bound may begin the war of words regarding the casual aspect of MMOs, which is becoming more and more apparent as time goes on.

The call confirms that the next large scale Beta tests will be in March and April, which will dicate NCSoft’s next steps. No word on a release date for either version, but it’s speculated that it won’t hit consoles until after the PC.



Ben Smith

Contributor: Ben Smith   Posted: Feb 15, 2012 at 9:50pm
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