New Krater Video And Competition
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New Krater Video And Competition


The guys over at Fatshark are in a bit of a dilemna. There seems to have been a breakdown in communication between the guys that make the weapons for their upcoming Krater and the guys that are responsible for naming everything. (Yes, they do have a team for giving objects names, and yes it is as dull as it sounds!) As a result, there are three extra weapons in the game which are currently without a cool moniker to accompany them.

Which is where you guys can step in. Fatshark are offering you the chance to come up with a name for their weapons, otherwise they’ll end up being called the “Gunnerators” after their PR wizard Gunnar Johnson… And nobody wants that.

“The three best names will end up in the game, which means that anyone picking up the game will be able to use the weapon you named. And better yet, you will be in the official game credits under ‘Senior Lead Weapon Name Creator Director’ – or something shorter.” Says Victor Magnuson, Game Designer, Fatshark. “Now be creative and save us all from the Gunnernator!”

If you head over to their site you can enter the competition now. In the mean time, enjoy this awesome gameplay video!



Contributor: RobotGeek   Posted: May 8, 2012 at 2:42pm
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