New Nintendo Land details
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New Nintendo Land details

The latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine has a new batch of information on some of Nintendo Land’s mini-games. You can read up on new details for Balloon Trip Breeze, Metroid Blast, Mario Chase, and Pikmin Adventure. There are a few tidbits about each.

Balloon Trip Breeze

- Hero carries parcels between islands
- Earn currency to spend in the theme park by delivering the parcels
- Tap certain obstacles on the GamePad
- If you tap randomly and try to cheat, the spikes will ricochet

Metroid Blast

- Sensor not used to aim for shooting
- It is used for MotionPlus (like Skyward Sword)
- Gunmen boasts Samus’ full moveset – morph ball, charge shots, evasive dodges and grapple beams
- Again, can use the grapple beams to hang from the gunship

Mario Chase

- In the Mud River Run stage, mud moats can be crossed via bridges that dissolve under the escapee’s feet
- At the end of the round, you get a breakdown of everyone’s movement

Pikmin Adventure

- It’s the Pikmin world re-imagined as clockwork Gashapon toys
- Enemies will appear in plastic capsules, dispatched by a giant vending machine
- When a Pikmin is eaten by an enemy, they emerge as Poo (!) Friends must then help to chip them out



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