Nintendo makes Mario sized announcements for 3DS
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Nintendo makes Mario sized announcements for 3DS

First off we should all know by now that Nintendo announced the bigger brother of the 3DS family known as the 3DS XL.  And that this bad mam a jamma is going to be released on August 19th.  Which also happened to be a big day for all you Nintendo fans out their.  This date will also mark the release of the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game.  Yet you may not be buying this title at your local store.  Reason being is that you are now able to buy Nintendo 3DS titles on the go while on your 3DS.  The difference being that of course you don’t get the game on a cartridge if you download it onto the 3DS.  Other things to remember is that you cannot resell the game, and you do not get a game manual or box/boxart.

While exciting as all this news may seem a huge idea was thrown at gamers in form of eShop savings.  A promotion to sell games over the weekend by giving a different title a sale during the weekend.  What better way to bring in customers, downloads and games to us gamers.  Savings can go up to 50% off the price of the original game and will be seeing your 3DS running short of Storage.  Other announcements saw that games like Super Mario Bros. 3, the Legend of Zelda, WarioLand and Kirby’s Pinball Land will be coming to the eShop soon.  Big things are a brewing for Nintendo and it seems to make the Wii-U a better fit for the eShop.  In the meantime check out the e3 trailer for the New Super Mario Bros. 2 below!


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