Nintendo TVii announced, included in Wii U purchase for free
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Nintendo TVii announced, included in Wii U purchase for free

Nintendo TVii has been announced. It’s comething Nintendo has been “kicking around for a long time,” said NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime.

The firm was waiting for the right technology to introduce it, and with Wii U, the tech has come, said Reggie.

Basically, you can use the Wii U Tablet to find programs on TV, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Streaming.

“Soon, what you watch, and how you watch, will come together on Wii U,” said the demonstration.

Users can scroll through various Miis which have their own favorite shows and movies allowing you to “find, watch, and engage.”

The tablet gives you a “second screen” experience and allow everyone in the house to personalize their TVii experience. Users can see shows friends have favored as well, even on Facebook.

When scrolling through the various shows, you can just click on the picture icon to choose it. There’s also an icon on the tablet screen which will allow you to record the show.

You can watch one thing on the tv screen, and watch a movie trailer on the tablet screen, and find built-in reviews, and access to Wikipedia and IMDB, for example.

A built-in remote dial will appear on the screen, which adds your favorite TV shows to outer layer.

Users can also tweet via the Pad while watching the show, and insert emoticons.

All YouTube and web-based video will be viewable as well.

Nintendo TVii will roll out in the US and Canada, and come with Wii U for no additional charge or monthly fee.


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