Nomura Knows Fans Want a FFVII Remake, but Priority Now is Newer Titles
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Nomura Knows Fans Want a FFVII Remake, but Priority Now is Newer Titles

By now, it's almost common knowledge that the game most RPG fans want to be remade is Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII. I know it, you know it, heck, even Square's Tetsuya Nomura knows it -- but where is it and why aren't they working on it?

Speaking to Japanese gaming mag Famitsu -- which has a special feature for FFVII's 15th anniversary -- Nomura acknowledged that he does indeed know that many fans are requesting a remake for Final Fantasy VII. However, this is not in the cards right now as he's working on new titles which are of "higher priority" at the moment for Square Enix.

Aside form this, Nomura also shared a few interesting tidbits about FFVII such as: Aerith's death was decided early on and that was the basis for the creation of Tifa, Aerith and Sephiroth were originally planned to be sisters! Nomura states that you can see traces of this original plan with both characters' hairstyles being so similar.

Lastly, Nomura also states that he will try his best to make a game that's equal or possibly even more successful than Final Fantasy VII. 

Now, I might not be a videogame analyst, but shouldn't a Final Fantasy VII remake be one of Square Enix's highest priorities now? I can imagine it will finally calm the FFVII remake storm and undoubtedly, earn the publisher a ton of money...unless Square Enix has an aversion to earning boatloads of cash, in which case, carry on to the next Final Fantasy MMO.

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