opinion is the 360 holding the ps3 back
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opinion is the 360 holding the ps3 back

When games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves come along, you have to question why so few games push the boundaries of the PlayStation 3 so far. With 360 versions of multi-format titles regularly inching out their PS3 counterparts, are developers justified in blaming Sony’s tools for their troubles, or is it just a symptom of curtailing coding to work on the 360’s older architecture?
Look at the screenshots of Uncharted 2 we’ve taken. Look at the amount of detail in each. Look at how sharp the textures are, and how good the lighting is. Amazing, isn’t it? And there’s a lot more that these screenshots can’t show, like the animation and Uncharted 2’s physics – which are both excellent. It is the best showcase of what the PS3 hardware can do, when given the chance. And While Naughty Dog must be given a lot of the credit for this, it’s also hard not to look at Uncharted 2 as proof that the 360 is now holding the PS3 back. Read more


Contributor: almost_angel   Posted: Oct 19, 2009 at 5:17am
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  • Anonymous

    no i dont belive the 360 is holding the ps3 back. game companies just dont want to put the time into developing a game that looks as good as uncharted. it takes to much time and money.
    just be happy naughty dog did it for the ps3. they could have made it 4 the 360 also and made a lot more money. but that company has pride in there game projects.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah.. It could have been done for the 360 with half the detail, levels and love! And of course with loading times per sequence! To say that the textures of a port of say Ghostbusters from 360 to ps3 haven’t hampered the ps3 quality is a joke! And that’s just one example! There are millions of examples! I mean even modern warfare has to be scaled down just to fit on a DVD when a blu ray could hold so much more! Microsoft have murdered a generation of potential great games! Do you really want me to bring up the recent Bayonetta debacle as an example! Most developers want to port from 360 to ps3 but it’s common sense that programming multiple core architecture should be done using the cell first (the legwork) and then transferred to the more simpler system. I mean in part it is sonys fault for not providing good enough dev kits… Naughty dog I hope are just going to licence their engine or SDK to other developers, maybe even valve! Lol! :) And if you really believe uncharted 2 could be done on a 360 you really haven’t played it! Lol!