Over 1,000 people have applied to 22 Cans, says Molyneux
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Over 1,000 people have applied to 22 Cans, says Molyneux

Peter Molyneux has told Giant Bomb over 1,000 applicants are vying for a position at 22 Cans. “We’ve had just over 1,000 people apply for jobs,” he said. “That’s pretty damn exciting. I’m working 16 hours-a-day just answering those emails.” Molyneux said he is rather pleased and being able to handle the calls and emails himself after clearing his schedule of Microsoft mandates and appointments. “I realized that 75% of my day was just doing nothing,” he said. “Now, doing everything from answering emails to doing press stuff, to going and talking at universities and designing the games, it just feels fantastic to be that hands-on, it really does.” You can apply for a position with the firm here. Thanks, Joystiq.



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  • Michael_Ponder_JR

    I seen the trailer for Tiny Knight, and the music does not fit at all.. it sounds dreary and boring.
    It should sound more up beat and epic.
    The music they have just does not fit, especially with that warner bros cartoon asthetic they’re going with.