playstation 4 what do we know
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playstation 4 what do we know

Okay, it’s no secret that Sony has been working on the PlayStation 4 for a good two years now and rumours abound that Sony will bring forward its launch to 2011/2012 to directly take on Microsoft’s proposed launch of its next Xbox. All this talk of will it, won’t it? or ‘will PlayStation 3 be Sony’s last PlayStation?’ are largely irrelevant. It’s happening, the real question is: what form will the console take?
What follows is a list of possible functions based on what experts inside and outside of Sony have been saying, current and future trends in the videogame, multimedia and internet markets and my own pretty well-informed opinion and conjecture. Let me know what you think.
Sony successfully pioneered the first truly mainstream games console with the PlayStation 2 by first appealing to an early adopting customer and then, later, opening up the console to a wider market with aggressive pricing, marketing and a range of products (EyeToy, Singstar) that appealed to your non-traditional gamers. In this regard, PlayStation 3 has failed to learn the lessons that Sony itself once taught. It appeared that only Nintendo was listening. Read more


Contributor: skunkie   Posted: Jul 8, 2009 at 1:35pm
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