Playstation All-Stars Pre-order bonuses and release dates revealed
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Playstation All-Stars Pre-order bonuses and release dates revealed

After only a few weeks since Sony announced at E3 that they were releasing Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, the internet gaming community has been going gaga over the anticipated title. With new characters being announced to the public, of the likes of, Big Daddy and Nathan Drake, it looks like a Sony is offering Pre-order bonuses for all you fans out there.The game will be cross-platforming, with it coming to PS Vita later this year after the initial launch.Play at home – play on the go – it seems we’ll never go anywhere without this button masher between our fingers tips.

Eight characters have been reveal so far and two more to be announced at the Exhibition Presentation at EVO in Las Vegas.

Why pre-order?  The question on everyone’s mind…and also, when is it coming out?

Sony will include in the pre-order, an exclusive set of costumes for all characters in the game at the start! After the game launches, you’ll have the chance to unlock multiple character costumes but, without a pre-ordered copy, the exclusive costumes will not be available.

The official launch date will be October 23rd, 2012. Sony will have more details on the pricing for the title for PS3 and PS Vita versions as we move closer to the launch date.




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