Project Eternity Kickstarter adds $4M stretch goal in its final hours
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Project Eternity Kickstarter adds $4M stretch goal in its final hours

Join Obsidian Entertainment in counting down the final hours of its highly successful Project Eternity Kickstarter – and perhaps help push the campaign to one final stretch goal.

With just three hours on the clock at time of writing, Project Eternity has gathered $3,745,878 in funding from over 70,000 backs – and that’s not even taking account of extra-Kickstarter funding through PayPal.

With $4 million so close, Obsidian has agreed to one final stretch goal – “enhancing the whole game”.

“We will use live instrumentation for the soundtrack, add developer in-game commentary, and use every dollar between $3.5 million and $4 million to enhance the game,” the developer wrote in an update to the campaign page.

“Also at $4 million Chris Avellone will be forced to play Arcanum.”

The team is livestreaming its celebration of the final hours of the campaign; tune into Twitch or Ustream to join the party.

Project Eternity is an old-school RPG in the style of classic Black Isle games such as Icewind Dale, Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment. Many of Obsidian’s team members are veterans of the defunct studio and its contemporaries, notably famed designer Chris Avellone.


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