PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Monday, October 15
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PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Monday, October 15

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will receive maintenance scheduled for Monday, October 15. The maintenance will begin at 4 AM and run through 4 PM PST. If you’re on the other side of the US, maintenance time will occur between 7 AM and 7 PM EST.

As usual, if you’ve signed on to your PlayStation Network account prior to the scheduled service, you’ll still be able to play games online. PlayStation Store, Home, and account management, however, will not be available to access.

North America is scheduled to get the sexy new PlayStation Network appearance on October 23, meanwhile Europe will receive the overhaul on October 17. It’s good to know that maintenance will occur prior to the PlayStation Network update. It would be a shame to have limited access once the new version goes live.



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