RIFT Patch 1.11 is Now Live
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RIFT Patch 1.11 is Now Live

Patch 1.11 is now available to download for RIFT bringing with it major class changes and a brand new world event for players to enjoy.

RIFT 1.11 paves the way for the beginning of the game’s first major expansion Storm Legion bringing sweeping changes to all the game’s Souls and starting a new four phase world event. The patch includes:

Major class changes

An overhauled Ascended Soul System and worldwide Soul reset levels the playing field: whether you’re new to Telara or a veteran of updates 1-10, log in and experiment from the ground up, harnessing the power of new and altered abilities. Relearn familiar Souls and find new favorites while honing builds to face the challenges ahead.

Tempest Rising World Event

As Crucia stirs, Legion forces descend on Meridian and Sanctum. Fight to secure the faction capitals and battle Iron Drakes leading armies through the failing Ward. Delve into Exodus of the Storm Queen* – the first expansion dungeon – to test your mettle against Crucia’s lieutenants and earn unprecedented gear touched with the power of the Storm!



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