Run a Bukkit/Tekkit Server? Try HalloweenScares for some creepy fun
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Run a Bukkit/Tekkit Server? Try HalloweenScares for some creepy fun

The Bukkit community for Minecraft has been challenging itself to create a spooky set of plugins for the Bukkit and Tekkit community to install on their own servers. There is a wide-range of plugins that have been attempted over the years but most of them end up being something like Minecraft in the suburbs, "well, i'll just throw some pumpkins out on the porch with some spider-webs from those bags at Target." 

This year, Bukkit plugin creator GizmoRay has delivered something a little more creepy than normal called HalloweenScares

  • HalloweenScares promises the following: 
  • Zombies that pop out of the ground at all times
  • Random block breaking that turns blocks into pumpkins
  • Random explosion sounds, screams, and spooky noises
  • Random pumpkin grenades
  • Permenent Midnight

This plugin gave users I watched interact with it some legitimate scares. It took them hours to realize what was going on and even then they didn't quite guess everything this plugin was doing. Gizmoray isn't done either. In the future he plans to add:

  • Floating lantern heads
  • Randomly generating scarecrows (fences + lantern)
  • Creepy Enderman (Stalks you in the night)
  • Witches (depends on when v1.4 is released)?
  • Random TNT explosions
  • Higher chance of Giant spawn
  • More aggressive mobs (faster, more damage, etc.)
  • Greater frequency of eerie noises
  • Random chest explosions

I hope this is a sign of things to come for future holiday plugins for Minecraft players. Creative mode really takes some of that feeling of magic away from this survival paradise. HalloweenScares can be downloaded via Curse or through the Bukkit page. 



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Oct 13, 2012 at 12:42am
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