screenwriter believes halo is our generations star wars
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screenwriter believes halo is our generations star wars

It was widely presumed that Microsoft’s plan to mount a movie adaptation of its hit Halo game series died when producer Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp’s proposed movie failed to come together.

But that hasn’t stopped Pirates of the Caribbean writer Stuart Beattie, an avid gamer, from cooking up his own spec version of a Halo movie, which he wrote during the 2007 writers’ strike, based on the “Fall of Reach” storyline from Eric Nyland’s Halo prequel novel. Nor has it daunted Beattie, who has been trying fervently to get his Halo movie off the ground, complete with concept art (above).

“I just think it’s an amazing story about this child that no one cares about and who cares for no one else, who kind of ends up saving all of humanity,” Beattie said in a phone interview on Thursday while he was promoting G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. “So I just started calling, because I really believe a Halo movie would just be awesome, especially this Halo movie.”

Beattie sent his script to Microsoft just because he wants them to make it so badly. Maybe Beattie should do more than just write the script. Microsoft and its studio partner, 20th Century Fox, don’t have a director now that Blomkamp is out. For his part, Beattie is still a fledgling director: He makes his feature directorial debut with the upcoming futuristic war movie Tomorrow, When the War Began. Read more


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