SFXT Version 2013 system, Alisa, Lars changes detailed
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SFXT Version 2013 system, Alisa, Lars changes detailed

Capcom has completed its release of change logs for the upcoming free overhaul Street Fighter x Tekken Version 2013, this time detailing system-wide changes in addition to the remaining cast.

Some of the system changes are more cosmetic – gem effects don’t glow as brightly when activated, for example – while others are the sort of thing you’re probably going to have to be quite cluey to understand the impact of, like a two-frame reduction in start up time on normal throws.

Interestingly, guard cancel moves can no longer be followed up with extra hits, life recovery has been nerfed to a third of its previous rate, and Pandora has been extended from seven to ten seconds.

In this release, you’ll also find changes to Lars, Alisa, Jax-X, Bryan, Christie, Lei and Pacman – but not Kuro. Kuro was perfect the first time and has not been fiddled with. Lars and Jack-X on the other hand? Quite a lot of fiddling there.

Visit Capcom Unity for the full change list; there are three other posts covering the rest of the cast, too.

Street Fighter x Tekken Version 2013 is a free update expected on all systems before the end of the year.



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