Shag A Gamer… for if you Want to Shag a Gamer
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Shag A Gamer… for if you Want to Shag a Gamer

Shag a Gamer is the latest website from the people that brought you Date a Gamer. It's exactly the same sort of thing - a matchmaking service for gamers and self-titled geeks the world over - but with a slightly different focus. Rather than bringing together people who enjoy the latest and greatest the gaming industry has to offer for an intricate and long-lasting campaign mode, Shag a Gamer offers you a Quick Play and by the looks of some of the pictures on offer, Quick Play might be an overstatement.

"We help lots of single gamers hook up with sexy gamer girls and geeky guys who all want just one thing," the website reads. "Our site is perfect for people who don't want commitment and just want to blow off some steam. Joining Shag a Gamer is easy and users get full access to our database of hot gamer girls and guys who are looking for another gamer to shag."

So if your ultimate fantasy is to have an intimate moment with somebody you've never met based on the fact that you both know your way around the Castle of Illusion, oh boy, is this website for you!



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Jul 16, 2012 at 10:20am
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