singularity to also become a graphic novel
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singularity to also become a graphic novel

Activision has announced the first graphic novel of Raven’s upcoming first person action game, Singularity. Check it out:

In collaboration with Twistory Studios and Image Publishing, industry veterans David Atchinson, of the Occult Times Taskforce, Davide Fabbri, with credits from Heavy Metal and Dark Horse’s Star Wars, Christopher “mink” Morrison, whose narrative works include, Dust, 13 Chambers and Dark Horse’s upcoming Shinjuku with Yo****aka Amano, and Tom Mandrake, a renowned artist of Batman and The Punisher, will tell the story of the shadowy events, which occurred off the Russian Peninsula, that unraveled time as we know it and ultimately led to the Singularity. The single issue graphic novel will be available following the launch of Singularity the game. Read more


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