Six Things You Didn’t Know About Diablo III
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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Diablo III

There are details you may not have known about Diablo III unless you were following it as religiously as I have.

More than a mere sequel, Diablo III is set to reinvent the action role-playing game formula with a host of new features never before seen in Diablo II or any other action RPG. Blizzard's crack team of designers, lead by Jay Wilson, is attempting to break new ground with an overhaul of every feature, from class skills and crafting to online player interaction.

You might've heard that the game features ponies and a colorful new color scheme, all of which is untrue. I'm here to correct your misconceptions and to give you some insight into the game.

1. Diablo III is as dark and gothic looking as the first game.

Despite rumors and complaints to the contrary, Diablo III is every bit as foreboding as its predecessors, and arguably even more so than Diablo II. That's not to say the complaints weren't warranted when the game was first announced. Early screenshots of the game contained fancy rainbows and colorful scenes, prompting players to judge the game 'cartoony' and draw comparisons of the art style to World of Warcraft.

Even though Blizzard made light of the situation by wearing My Little Pony-esque t-shirts at BlizzCon and other events, Blizzard took serious note of these complaints into the game's development and made the game every bit as dark as players could've hoped. See? It's not all rainbows and ponies.

Not only ...



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