Sony, EA Will Be at Gamescom as Expected
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Sony, EA Will Be at Gamescom as Expected

E3 2012 is over and now Gamescom 2012 is fast approaching. The event, which takes place in Germany this August, showcases a lot of great games and hardware news. Oddly enough, a lot of companies are skipping Gamescom this year. Nintendo Germany announced in April that it would not be present, instead showing off some Wii U, 3DS, and Wii content in smaller events across Europe. Then just last month, THQ and Sega revealed that they would be skipping Gamescom, as well. Following suit just a few days ago, Microsoft announced it wouldn’t appear at the European trade show.

Two companies that will be attending Gamescom as scheduled are Sony and EA. Despite rumors that the PlayStation 3 and Vita manufacturer wouldn’t make it to the show, Gamescom confirmed that that wasn’t the case. As for EA, Corporate Communications SVP Jeff Brown made a statement to Joystiq, saying, “We are definitely committed to Gamescom — love that show and the people who attend it. We’re planning the press conference for the day before the show and will send out invites in the next couple of weeks.”

It’s good to know that not every company will no-show Gamescom this year. We get some sweet announcements at the event, and it really is a great follow-up to E3 with its own vibe. We can probably expect Sony to elaborate on a few of the titles it showcased at E3. Here’s hoping we get more details on Beyond: Two Souls, as well as some more exciting footage from The Last of Us. Regarding EA, well, I think a lot of us would really like to see more Need for Speed: Most Wanted.



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