Sony Exec: PS4 Won’t Come Until Big Hardware Leaps Can Be Taken
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Sony Exec: PS4 Won’t Come Until Big Hardware Leaps Can Be Taken

Sony has continuously shot down rumors that a new PlayStation console is in the works. Past arguments the company has made include a 10-year life cycle for the PlayStation 3 and the fact that new hardware isn’t exactly necessary at this point. It looks like the PlayStation manufacturer is sticking to its guns, as Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House recently told MCV that there were currently no plans for a PlayStation 4.

According to House, the best time to create and unveil new hardware is when that technology can actually provide worthwhile and notable enhancements among the current crop of video game consoles. “The right time to talk about new advances in hardware is when you can demonstrate a significant leap on the current experience, and something that is going to be attractive.,” said the SCE boss. “That remains our philosophy. Beyond that we have nothing to say at this point.”

I totally agree with House on this one. Developers such as id Software have stated that they don’t see the next wave of gaming platforms offering too much of a graphical leap, and when you think about it, it would be kind of stupid to release new platforms that don’t offer much of an advancement from the consoles we have now. Sony will reveal a new home platform when it feels that the PlayStation 3 has run its course. Right now, it doesn’t seem like that’s happened just yet.


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