Sony Insists That Awesome Games Are Coming to PS Vita
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Sony Insists That Awesome Games Are Coming to PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita has been available in North America for just over four months, and the common gripe early adopters of Sony’s newest handheld share is based around its lack of software. Whether die-hard fans want to admit it or not, the past few months have been a bit underwhelming as far as Vita games are concerned. But even with the lack of content, I like to think that the games are coming, and that eventually Vita owners will have a stellar library of games to choose from.

Sony wants people to know that the games situation on the Vita will definitely get better. In an interview with CVG, PlayStation CEO Andrew House stated that new titles worth giving a damn about were on their way to the handheld in the near future. “You can be assured that, whether it’s first-party or third-party, there’s a good raft of content in the works there,” said House. “We know that killer games are going to be what sells this device.”

Sony’s E3 press conference may have been light on Vita news, but I can certainly attest to the fact that the company’s booth was filled with Vita kiosks demoing some awesome upcoming titles. Snapshot, New Little King’s Story, Sound Shapes, Sine Mora, and Retro City Rampage (my personal game of E3) were just a few of the promising games headed to the Vita. These games point toward a bright future for the portable, and if this is any indication of the types of titles developers are working on, I think House may be on to something when he says the “killer games” are coming.



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