SPAZ 2, New Hitbox Team Game Incoming And More Things From The Latest Greatest AMA
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SPAZ 2, New Hitbox Team Game Incoming And More Things From The Latest Greatest AMA

I love that the average person has so many ways of getting into contact with the creators of media, not to mention heros. There's email, Facebook, Twitter--and now, Ask Me Anything's on Reddit. And boy are developers using AMAs a whole lot of late, huh?

The latest adventurers into the complicated waters of Reddit are the developers behind the Humble Indie Bundle 6. That'd be Max Schaefer of Runic Games (Torchlight 1 and 2), Matt Bush, from Hitbox Team (Dustforce), Jan Achrenius of Recoil Games (Rochard), Mario Wynands from Sidhe (Shatter), Andrew Hume of MinMax Games (SPAZ) and John Krajewski from Strange Loop games (Vessel). Just to name a few, because there's multiple people from different studios. Sure is a crowded AMA!

If you take a look at the thread, you'll learn all sorts of things like:

  • The reason that Rochard devs pursued the opportunity was for volume and visibility, which is important given that many people think the game is PSN only...and the timing for THAT release was horrible, given the breach. So, HIB was a good choice.
  • Shatter devs say that it's true you get less per unit than you normally would, but it's still a "good boost of cash to game sales.
  • Even the Hitbox Team can't SS the most difficult levels in their own game! No Terry Cavanaghs here.
  • Dustforce devs are, in fact, working on a new game. Hooray!
  • SPAZ 2: A Thing That Is Happening Now

And probably more that I didn't get to - which you can read, should this sound of interest! Just clicky here. And remember, the bundle just added a whole whack of new games, which you can purchase here.



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