Square Enix domain registration hints at FFXIV relaunch
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Square Enix domain registration hints at FFXIV relaunch

If you arrange these clues and squint at them, it seems troubled and much criticised MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV may be in for a major overhaul.

Siliconera turned up a Square Enix treademark and domain registrations for something called A Realm Reborn.

Both arealmreborn.net and arealmreborn.com are empty at present, but the publisher also released the following poem:

In the darkness the Crystal dreams

From the flames of Destruction
A new Beginning rises

Come, brave heroes
Heed the Crystal’s call

Gather once more
And witness a realm reborn

Sounds dramatic, no? The only realm which Square Enix is expected to rebirth at the moment is that of Final Fantasy XIV. The MMORPG is set to launch as version 2.0 in northern autumn, with some major changes to the world as well as its underlying technology and mechanics.



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