Square Enix Registers FinalFantasyVIIPC.com
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Square Enix Registers FinalFantasyVIIPC.com

Square Enix have registered a rather suspicious, potentially exciting domain name. FinalFantasyVIIPC.com was registered yesterday by the company best known for its Final Fantasy games, although as of yet there's nothing actually on the page. Could it be a hint at a remake? A re-released edition of the classic on Steam or GOG? Perhaps Square are gearing up towards revealing a new member of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Maybe it's less exciting, maybe it's just going to be a site dedicated to all the information about the creation and reaction to the game.

My bet is that they've registered it so nobody else can, personally, but that's the pessimistic view and an attitude like that isn't going to result in anything new and exciting. My second bet would be a re-release through digital channels, but it seems an odd time to be doing it and hardly seems worthy of a massive celebration considering that anybody who really wants to play Final Fantasy VII on PC has been able to do it for years.

We'll wait and see, although this one has the potential of being a fairly major reveal.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Jun 16, 2012 at 5:36am
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