Starbreeze’s next title called Cold Mercury, will be F2P
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Starbreeze’s next title called Cold Mercury, will be F2P

Starbreeze’s next game since the release of Syndicate in February will be a free-to-play game called Cold Mercury.

The studio is also looking for a distribution deal for its next game, codenamed P13, that’s being made alongside Swedish director Josef Fares.

But the Starbreeze’s insisted that, despite entering the F2P market with Cold Mercury, will not leave the AAA market.

“Starbreeze will not leave the AAA segment,” said CEO Mikel Nermark.

“We are discussing with several leading game publisher on publisher financed games, but we will broaden our product portfolio of games in the new business models and segments that have arisen in the games industry. I am convinced that Starbreeze will be successful with the new games.”

Starbreeze’s last game, a reboot of EA IP Syndicate, launched in February for PS3, 360 and PC.

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