start playing battlefield 3 right now with the cunning use of vpns
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start playing battlefield 3 right now with the cunning use of vpns

Got your Battlefield 3 all pre-loaded and ready to go, just twiddling your thumbs as the monotony of life flows past you until midnight Pacific time rolls around? Good news, my bored-with-reality friend — you can circumvent your temporal restraints with a little computer know-how.

THIS LINK RIGHT HERE has a detailed explanation about how you can trick your computer into thinking today is tomorrow. All you have to do is set up a free Korean VPN. With the network set to Korean time, and due to the magic of the rotation of the planet, plus a slight amount of time travel, Origin and Battlefield 3 will think that Monday, Oct. 24 is actually Tuesday, Oct. 25. Once that happens, the game becomes unlockable.

It’s not exactly illegal, but a word of warning: you might be in violation of the Origin terms of service if you circumvent the street date with Battlefield 3 by cheating Time. And you never know, but EA might bitch-slap you back to Oct. 1 or something and make you wait, or ban you altogether — or they could do nothing. No idea. But you run the risk of pissing off the gods of Battlefield (as well as Father Time, who will hold a grudge, like, forever) if you screw around with this stuff.

Still, you could be shooting things right now. Damn the torpedoes, I say. Also, sorry if you get banned.


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Contributor: GameFront   Posted: Oct 25, 2011 at 8:38am
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  • Anonymous

    Pre-orders start and i say lol it’s only $1 in pre-orders and if they lose money go for amnesty international nice marketing idea.

  • Suvgolf

    I think they can do it maybe that’s 10 milions pre-orderds look incredible but who knows for $1 people can take more than one copies, i take five and resell them if they reach goal.

  • Anonymous

    Looks awesome, I can’t wait to play it!
    Preordered three copies for me and friends ;)

  • Malpecki

    Game looks really cool! Play with me and you will love this. I send $1

  • Anonymous

    Demo version is coming out 15 November, can’t wait to try it!
    Also preordered a copy for me.

  • Anonymous

    what if you don’t use steam

  • Mateusz Chudziński

    It’s first time for me, when game producers helping charity organization ^^ I preordered 2 copies already ^^

  • Anonymous

    It’s only 7 days left until demo version will be available ;D I just can’t wait XD Just pre-ordered one copies for myself and I’m little excited.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love TPS games and Afterfall InSanity looks great for me ;D 1$ isn’t a huge money for it ;D

  • safdasd

    This is an abosolute shit guide, what if you dont use steam? thought about that? and its like these guides are copied stright from other websites, wow

  • JT

    Dragon Age 2 was rushed? As was SWTOR? SWTOR had roughly 5 years in development. I guess 5 years isn’t long enough to make a game anymore. They need to have at least 10 years in development to be great. I guess with DA2, that would be 6+ years because it’s not as big.

    I think it’s less about rushed games and people expect way too much. So games development and costs have increased a lot over the years. Asking for more time isn’t always the answer. Gamers don’t understand concepts like budgets and deadlines, and think a game essentially should be released “when it’s done” instead of by some deadline set. Need I remind people what happened to the last game that was released “0when it’s done”. Just look at Duke Nukem Forever, then get back to me about taking your sweet time and not rushing a game.

    Thing is, if you start making a game in say 2003, and you finish it in 2010, you’re going to be using a crappier engine and such, than if it was made recently. Sure you’ve got 7 years in development, but some parts may look outdated. So you can’t keep a game in development indefinitely. Some games out there only had 18 months in development (Shadow Warrior) and they turned out quite well.