Take a Look at the up and Coming Marvel MMO
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Take a Look at the up and Coming Marvel MMO

Gazillion Entertainment has just released the above teaser trailer for their new MMO dubbed Marvel Heroes. In the game you can play as any character in the Marvel Universe from the more well known characters like Iron Man and Spiderman to the lesser known characters like...umm...yeah.

Anyways, the trailer shows off some game play. You can see various Marvel Heroes fighting against mobs in the game with the usual corny super hero lines. I can just see it now though, once this game launches you'll have like five Hulks or something like that in a group. You know it will happen.

I really wish that the devs for this game would have gone more on the route of DC Universe Online though. I really enjoyed creating my own character and seeing a diverse set of heroes in the MMO. With Marvel Heroes it looks to be just a copy and paste type deal and the only thing that changes from person to person is their stats.

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Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: May 22, 2012 at 5:22pm
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