Telltale’s The Walking Dead EU Release Date Announced
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Telltale’s The Walking Dead EU Release Date Announced

Are you looking forward to Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series of games based off of the award winning, ongoing comic book series and popular TV show adaptation? If so, good man/woman! Because you should be! And I have good news for you! Today, on the EU PlayStation Blog, Jake Rodkin from Telltale stopped by to hype up his game (as expected), but also to drop the release date and the price for both the first episode and the rest of the season.

Episode 1 is entitled “A New Day” and will be released in Europe on the PlayStation Store this Wednesday.  Yes, you did read that correctly, this Wednesday. Furthermore, each episode is retailing for £3.99 or €4.99.  However, you can pre-order the whole season of five episodes for £15.99 or €19.99.  A new episode will be released every month and if you pre-ordered the whole season, you can download each episode immediately as it becomes available and you get a new and exclusive theme to go along with it.

As for Xbox 360 and PC users, however, nothing was revealed, though I imagine that they won’t be far behind. They may even launch earlier than the PlayStation 3 version if tomorrow’s Xbox Live Store update includes the first episode. However, that’s merely speculation as no information was given on any version’s release date other than the PS3′s.  But, if you do have a PS3, live in Europe and are a major fan of The Walking Dead (like most good people), then Wednesday is your lucky day!



Contributor: RobotGeek   Posted: Apr 23, 2012 at 1:51pm
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