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tgn review prototype

Get ready to use extraordinary abilities to destroy anything and everything in your path! The latest review over on Total Gaming Network has staff writer Eldri tearing through New York City in Radical Entertainment’s action title Prototype. Here’s the intro to the article:

“Power is a human desire unlike any other. It’s silent, ever-present, and despite what Harry Potter might teach you, will never be assuaged. Some people may be content with the power they have, but the majority of the world’s population will always have moments of weakness; glints of the “what if.” Thankfully, video games have offered a good deal of catharsis in this respect, and Radical Entertainment’s Prototype is one of this year’s combatants for “most Godly.”

Such as life, video games too have limitations that can’t be exceeded. While Prototype’s valiant attempt at ultimate power comes close realizing some twisted sense of nirvana, many pieces feel malformed and ill-fitted. The game feels like the Spider-man series re-imagined, and, as Uncle Ben says, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Does Prototype overwhelm the player with power, or does it squander its chance at greatness?”

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Contributor: Spawndemon   Posted: Jul 31, 2009 at 10:59am
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