The Banner Saga, A Turn-Based Viking RPG Needs Kickstarter Funding
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The Banner Saga, A Turn-Based Viking RPG Needs Kickstarter Funding

Three developers have come together to create a game called The Banner Saga. Touted as a viking-themed RPG mixed with turn-based strategy, The Banner Saga is the product of three former BioWare leads who decided to go their own independent way by starting Stoic Studio.

"So we had to leave to start our own independent studio, and take a huge chance at funding this ourselves because we didn't want anybody–any outside influence—holding the purse strings on this," said animation director Arnie Jorgensen. "We wanted to design a game that we felt really passionate about and we really cared about, for hopefully a group of people that felt the same way as we did."

The Banner Saga is set during the end of the world, drawing heavily from Norse mythology. It offers tactical, turn-based combat using a huge roster of unique characters encountered throughout the adventure. You will also make tough decisions throughout the story, deciding who lives and dies.

The game features artwork and animation akin to Sleeping Beauty and Ivanhoe, rarely done in video games, much less in turn-based strategy RPGs. The game is gorgeous and the premise is promising, and it needs your help.

If you'd like to fund the Kickstarter, head over here. I've already given them my money.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Mar 19, 2012 at 2:05pm
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