The Dance of Death Mod Adds Brutality to Skyrim
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The Dance of Death Mod Adds Brutality to Skyrim

Skyrim is a game with many qualities, and while the game is packed with combat, the level of violence it offers isn't particularly brutal—at least in contrast to many other action games.

The Dance of Death mod by AzarelHrafin aims to add that missing element of brutality into Skyrim. What the mod adds are over two dozen new kill moves to the game for use with one-handed weapons, dual-wielded weapons and two-handed weapons. Additionally, you can tweak the mod's settings through the use of an in-game spellbook which allows you to alter the chance for performing a killing move, and decapitations.

As development of the mod is ongoing, its creator intends to add even more killmoves to the game to cater to each of the game's combat styles.

You can grab it off the Skyrim Nexus here, or subscribe to it on the Steam Workshop here.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Apr 20, 2012 at 10:22pm
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