The First Exhibitors For The 2012 Eurogamer Expo Have Been Announced!
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The First Exhibitors For The 2012 Eurogamer Expo Have Been Announced!

The Eurogamer Expo is the biggest videogames expo in the UK, growing dramatically in both scale and attendance since it launched in 2008.  And since GAMEFest isn’t happening this year (for… obvious reasons), this is your best chance to get your hands on the biggest games before they hit stores.  Last week, the event organisers announced the first trio of exhibitors for the expo and the games that they will be bringing.  Funnily enough, they are big’uns.

First off, Ubisoft will be at the event and they’re bringing the big guns.  How does a playable Assassin’s Creed III sound?  Not interested?  Well how about a taster of the recently delayed Far Cry 3?  Don’t want to shoot tigers in the face?  What are you, a liberal?  Perhaps finally (and, Maker, do I mean finally) getting your European mitts on Rocksmith will wet your appetite?  You “have no taste in games”, you say?  In that case, there’s always Just Dance 4.  And may I say that you are everything that’s wrong with the games industry today?

Next up, Square Enix and, whilst their line up is considerably shorter (so far) than Ubisoft’s, it’s no less monumental.  Fancy a hands on with Hitman Absolution?  I sure do!  Because, down in the very pit of my dark, black, shrivelled up heart, there is a part of me that really wants that game to be great.  Also, all past Hitman games have been monumentally mismarketed.  I mean, they didn’t involve extreme ultra violence to a stupid, fanservicey (the boobs kind) kung-fu assassin nun squad, but they were mismarketed, nonetheless.

But that’s not all!  Because you can now get your sadomasochistic boners from playable Tomb Raider (incidentally, ryona fans are going to have a field day with this and I am ashamed that I can tell you what ryona is), a game that I am treating like Dead Or Alive 5.  As in, I’m excited for it but I always have to qualify my excitement with, “But not for the boobs!”  Only, here, replace “boobs” with “attempted rape scene”.  Plus, I’ll feel like a b*stard when the judgemental cashier looks down at me disapprovingly when I make my purchase.

Finally, Capcom have a trio of titles for you to sample at the event.  We can all discover at long last whether Ninja Theory have finally got the gameplay to back up their film-quality stories when DMC: Devil May Cry makes its way to the event.  Dead Space 3 Lost Planet 3 is also coming for those of you who actually wanted to see another Lost Planet game after Lost Planet 2.  And, biggest of all, Resident Evil 6 will be on the show floor.  So we can all finally see whether somebody remembered that the Resident Evil franchise are a series of Horror games, that, as a Horror series, it should be scary every now and again and whether they could actually be bothered to put that Horror back in.

More exhibitors are to be announced in the lead up to the event that runs from the 27th of September to the 30th of September but, most importantly of all, I’ll be at the event covering for this very site!  So, if you do head to Eurogamer and spot me anywhere, feel free to come up and say hi!  I’ll be the guy getting rejected from all of the 18-rated games due to being 17 days too young to get in, being forced to try all of the crappy motion controlled shovelware and dance games, and crying at the food area at just how pathetically worthless my life is and how self absorbed I am that people may actually recognise me from writing on an obscure videogames website.  I’m a barrel of laughs!

You can purchase tickets to the event from the official website.  (link)



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