The Last Guardian Still Alive, Sony Dev Gives his Word that It Exists
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The Last Guardian Still Alive, Sony Dev Gives his Word that It Exists

Thirsty for any The Last Guardian news? You're not the only one. The title was once again a no-show at Sony's press conference at TGS the other day.

However, the game is still not cancelled -- at least that's what a Japanese Sony developer who doesn't want to be named is claiming. 

Speaking to Kotaku, the unnamed developer claims, "I give you my word that it exist." Obviously referring to murmurs that the project's no-show for the past few videogame events have put it in "vaporware" territory.

The game, according to the Japanese Sony dev, is still being worked on in Japan; and that former Team ICO boss Fumito Ueda is still working with them closely on the project.

In addition to the game's existence, the developer claims that The Last Guardian is a "very ambitious project," and adds that the title was probably announced way ahead of time. So if it really exists, why didn't Sony show a trailer of the game at TGS? Well, according to the dev, it's because Sony seems to be pulling back recently on talking about their games untl they're closer to launch...which means, we might not hear of The Last Guardian for a very long time.

So, there you have it. No concrete updates on the game other than they're still working on it. If you've played ICO or Shadow of the Colossus, this is certainly a bit more comforting rather than hearing a "no comment" or something similar, no?

Do you think The Last Guardian will still make it out this gen or will Sony announce it as a PS4 game at the last minute?



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