third circle of hell to be full of poo jokes
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third circle of hell to be full of poo jokes

Continuing down the path of Hell from Lust, Visceral Games keeps with their fun and dark developer’s diaries. This time they cover the third level, Gluttony. A level that should be as gruesome as the scene from Se7en and starts to look that way with some of the concepts they show in the video.

One thing that kind of bothers me though is the fact that they talk a lot about defecation, feces, and poop in the video. A lot. In fact they even point out that one of the previously revealed creatures now has a poo attack to go along with the projectile vomit and devouring of Dante. All of this shouldn’t be too big of a surprise given the sin and concept of the level from the original story. Well except that they made the point to try to not do something similar in Lust as well as mentioned cutting something from the level in the Comic Con panel. Read more


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