this weeks top web comedy video peach and zelda love being kidnapped
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this weeks top web comedy video peach and zelda love being kidnapped

When you think about it, Zelda and Peach did let themselves get kidnapped a surprisingly high number of times. Call it Stockholm Syndrome, call it love; those princesses are literally asking for it.

The rest of the best top comedy videos from this week can be found over at Splitsider, including two bored cops, one 20 year old 40 year old, and quite a few terrible decisions.

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Contributor: almost_angel   Posted: Jan 15, 2011 at 3:49pm
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  • Damn

    ._. I wasted my time with trying to rescue those bitches?

    • timstacks

      me too princess peach was at the first castle the first fucking castle and zelda she got kidnapped on purpose man i was mad

  • Carlos_the Best


  • marocwwenexus

    i am glad i never rescued those bitches :P

  • Alpha Five Ay ay ay!

    i guess it’s good i can’t get past 8-4

  • Guest


  • Guest

    im not putting my real email

  • Enocescalona

    bowser looks good…exept for the stache

  • Mixox777

    That’s because I played Sonic the the Hedgehog, no ungrateful princess in my way (Amy no counts)

    • Rodney Filgueira

      Well Amy is actually worth having cuz she chases Sonic, i wonder how it would be if sonic chased amy around

  • Garatinabot

    I went to eight castle’s for this shit?

  • scycthe

    enocescalona i agree with u

  • jxwn jnmj

    i cant believe i wasted precious months of my life rescuing those sluts. of to play sonic rivals 2 now

  • cusman

    How exactly did Bowser get those eight koopalings and why they think Peach is their mommy?

    • Zero

      Let’s see…. maybe because She;s their freaking mother, never accepted the fact or better yet she has amnesia of the event sense it was highly traumatic (since the time frame between getting from world 1 to 8 to save her royal butt seems to take a long time) and that having those 8 things made her forget?

      Its a theory/

  • Bob Bobington

    just like a woman

  • Lucariokid16

    Dat ending.

  • Herpaderp

    Ooo those guys who kidnap us are so awesome, until they get their asses kicked game after game after game after game Lol

  • Jabronie

    Peach didn’t even mention the time she had to save Mario and Luigi. She can totally take care of herself!

  • Demon

    D: I’m never rescuing them again!

  • ps3 player

    they kill princess’ beuty

  • Brandon Manley

    I knew it…

  • K

    Link save Zelda because he NEEDS but Mario, he WANT

  • Blast

    I never finished my Mario game. I lost it. It’s probably incinerated at the dump now. I feel good now.

  • Guest

    Well… at least Zelda does things sometimes for herself.
    In Zelda II she was under a sleeping spell, not a kidnapp. In Ocarina she remained as Sheik for 7 years, and doesn’t get kidnapped till the very end. There’s no Zelda in Majora. In Wind Waker she’s first a pirate, and doesn’t get kidnapped till the final act of the game. In TP she gets possesed, not kidnapped. In SS she’s just running arround… I don’t think it’s fair to compare her to Peach in this regard…

    • Guest

      Not to mention she’s hardly a “Legend”, Link does most of the heavy lifting.

      • Guest

        As long as he had the right bracelet or gloves.

  • Ruan ( Dubai Hoot Owl)

    Okay, that is wierd but I think that link still saves the WHOLE WORLD! not just Zelda.

  • Alec Santi

    lol @ a$$ slap. Ganon knows how to lay the law down and keep his woman in check.

  • sonicfan2002

    yeah zelda it might be called legend of zelda but who saves you so whos the real legend plus peach you did save mario and luigi and toad the only person i will ever save is daisy

  • PortalLover20

    If this is true…… F*&K the guy who steals Zelda.

  • lonewolf88

    not true in twilight princess she was forced to give up or they would kill all the hylians.

  • Guest

    -_- Damn you Princess Whore.

  • Guest


  • Lumf

    I never feel like Link and Zelda are “the knight rescuing the princess” like with Mario and Peach.
    Link is a hero that saves Hyrule and other realms and Zelda is there to write his history and then return to rule from the palace or something while Link is an adventurer.

  • Shadowking58

    I don’t feel like rescuing them anymore…

  • Rad Dan

    the amount of nerd rage building inside me is crazy, but ill let it go and laugh

  • picklezthedahzaster

    …. childhood ruined