thq’s sydney zombierific pre release dead rising 2 event
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thq’s sydney zombierific pre release dead rising 2 event

It’s always a treat when THQ Australia invite us along to wherever they have booked out for a night of friendly drinks, hot food, free swag, nice looking girls as well as getting hands-on with their latest title.

This time there was a little extra surprise on the side that just made the whole night worth while. As we also treated to an advanced screening of Resident Evil: Afterlife in glorious 3D at Bondi Junctions VMAX Cinemas, which is regarded as the #1 cinema in Australia at the moment.

With regards to a review on Resident Evil: Afterlife, well I’ll leave that for another article, but be warned, this is not a thinking man’s movie, as it is riddled with ridiculous twists, and odd plot, plenty of over-the-top slow-mo sequences that would make The Matrix jealous and some one liners that by god, you would honestly not expect real people utter or to be that stupid.But as they say, ‘that’s another story’. Read more

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