Time and Eternity producer talks PS4
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Time and Eternity producer talks PS4

Time and Eternity producer Kay Hirono shared a few thoughts about the PlayStation 4 at NIS America’s 2013 Reunion press event.

First, Hirono offered up a few general thoughts. While he believes that “it’s a powerful machine” and contains many possibilities, he would have liked to see “a few more innovative features”.

“I think that it’s a powerful machine, although there are a few things that it’s lacking. Namely, I wanted a few more innovative features in the new PlayStation 4, but I still believe in the possibilities of the new machine.”

Hirono also commented on how he feels the new consoles will affect JRPGs in the future:

“To begin with, the PlayStation 4 is actually really easy to develop for. It’s one of the features, so I think that it is going to be much easier to develop quality JRPGs in the future with more interesting features in the game.”




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