Tomb Raider 30-Minute Video Demo Released by Crystal Dynamics
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Tomb Raider 30-Minute Video Demo Released by Crystal Dynamics

Want to see actual gameplay of Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Tomb Raider reboot than cutscenes and bullshot trailers? Well, you just got your wish as the studio has released a video showcasing about 30-minutes' worth of in-game footage.

The gameplay demo is part of Crystal Dynamics' hour-long presentation of the game during this year's Eurogamer Expo. While most of what's shown might not be new to diehard fans who pore over every trailer released for the game, it still gives us a good glimpse on how the game's traversing and hunting elements work within the game's core mechanics.

Be warned though, if you absolutely do not want anything in the game spoiled for you, best to proceed with caution. It also shows Tomb Raider's "controversial" "almost-rape scene."

If you're not interested in any story elements at all, the footage shows Lara hunting for food, solving a few puzzles and doing his best Nathan Drake impersonation.

While Lara Croft was already fortune hunting before Drake even got potty-trained, it's hard not to compare the game to Uncharted...especially if you take note of the fact that one of the scenes in the video really, really looks similar to Uncharted 2's train climbing sequence.

Will Tomb Raider step out of Uncharted's shadow in time for its March, 2013 release? For Lara's sake let's hope so.

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