Tomb Raider Delayed Till 2013
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Tomb Raider Delayed Till 2013

Bad news for those hoping to play a game where the camera practically dry humps the female protagonist’s ass, as Square Enix have announced that their latest Tomb Raider reboot, originally due for release in Autumn (or “fall” for you Yanks) 2012, has been pushed back to 2013.

Whilst Darrell Gallagher, head of studio at Crystal Dynamics says that it’s ” to make sure we fully deliver the very highest quality game.”, a more likely reason is that Crystal Dynamics wish to avoid the crowded holiday period and avoid going head to head with releases such as Call of Duty.

This delay, whilst a little irritating, by no means is as sad as Irrational’s decision to postpone the release of Bioshock Infinite last week.



Contributor: RobotGeek   Posted: May 14, 2012 at 6:00am
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