Tony Hawk HD Getting Tony Hawk 3 Levels After All [UPDATED]
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Tony Hawk HD Getting Tony Hawk 3 Levels After All [UPDATED]

UPDATE: So everything I'd read about Tony Hawk HD had previously said reverts weren't a part of the gameplay, and I'd originally mentioned that at the end of this story. However, I'm getting conflicting information from people about reverts possibly being included, but not counting toward scoring. Since I now have no idea one way or the other and am waiting for confirmation, I removed that portion of the story so as not to mislead anyone, regardless of accuracy.


Soon to be in HD, mayhaps?

After everyone got done celebrating the announcement of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, Activision and Robomodo's HD update of Tony Hawk's Pro Skaters 1 and 2, attention was turned to the question of why, exactly, only levels from those two games would be included. While Robomodo has been cherry picking levels from those two games based on fan feedback, Tony Hawk 3, AKA one of the highest reviewed games in the history of ever, wasn't even on the ballot box.

Activision answered that question today by announcing that Tony Hawk HD will get Tony Hawk 3 levels after all... as DLC. Initially, DLC wasn't even something that had been announced for the game, but now it appears that following the game's launch, a selection of levels from Tony Hawk 3 will get the HD treatment.

Which levels? Nobody knows! Robomodo hasn't made any decisions on that front yet, and won't until they've surveyed fan feedback once again. The company put up a thread on the game's Facebook page--don't worry, you don't have to "like" anything--where fans can post their suggestions for the levels they'd like to see included. I have two words for Robomodo that actually should be one word: Air. Port.



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