Torchlight 2 Glitches: Unlimited Mana, Augmented Weapons & More
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Torchlight 2 Glitches: Unlimited Mana, Augmented Weapons & More

Torchlight 2 Glitches

I have to give Runic Games a lot of credit for making a relatively bug-free game that’s both enjoyable to play and manages to stand out as one of the year’s most polished games—a feat, given the fact that most games aren’t even playable out of the box without their players experiencing a host of bugs, glitches, and game-breaking problems. 

While most games are patched after release, Torchlight 2 was being polished right up to the minute of its release as my own review copy of the title saw the release of several large updates based on feedback provided by its small, but determined group of testers.

Despite these efforts, no game can possibly be bug free, and Torchlight 2 is no exception. It’s a good thing, though, that these glitches are relatively minor—so expect them to be fixed very shortly.

Without further ado, here are some of the glitches we’ve spotted. 

#6 Torchlight 2 Beam Glitch

This glitch causes one of the Embermage’s offensive skills to never expire. 

#5 Torchlight 2 Augment Weapon Glitch

This glitch, infused by a quest, causes the player’s weapon to augment non stop. 

#4 Torchlight 2 Skill Availability Bug

This player appears to have been granted a skill that he didn’t even have the prerequisites to unlock yet. 

#3 Torchlight 2 Unlimited Mana Glitch

The guy who made this video is kind of a douchebag, but the bug he has most certainly exists. 

#2 Torchlight 2 Giant Lightning Ball of Death Glitch

Similar to the previous glitch, this one turns the Embermage into a giant ball of death. It also crashes the game. Eventually.

#1 Torchlight 2 Shadowlings Bug

Not the most enjoyable glitch, this bug affects your Shadowlings minions and expire prematurely. It’ll spawn and die in less than a second.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Sep 29, 2012 at 3:54pm
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