Twisted Metal network issue patch expected this week
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Twisted Metal network issue patch expected this week

Irate Twisted Metal fans shouldn’t have too long to wait before some of the problematic network issues are resolved.

On Twitter, Eat Sleep Play boss David Jaffe said he’s expecting a patch to arrive this week.

“[Eat Sleep Play] is doing some work for a patch we hope to push Tuesday that should help out and fix network issues but no guarantee,” he said.

“Nothing concrete sadly. Lots of work happening but only real news is: team is cranking hard on it and making progress but I can’t give you a ‘this is when it will be 100% fixed’ date just yet.”

Twisted Metal has suffered several issues since launch, most notably disconnects mid-match, and problems with matchmaking and invite games. Somer users have also reported crashes on older consoles, but Sony has not been able to reproduce the error yet. Some affected users have had success by cleaning out dust from the air vents, or by deleting the game’s demo.

Other minor issues Eat Sleep Play is hoping to fix include how XP is meted out; custom skins looking too dark; not being able to password protect skins; and slowdown on the custom skins site following unexpected interest levels.

Jaffe said the team’s priorities begin with the console crashes and network issues, followed by “second tier” bugs “which are still awful”, and then finally some promised balancing.

“It’s terrible you guy,” Jaffe said in a video blog.

“People have written me and said ‘I’m taking my game back’ ...


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