Ubisoft CEO Talks About Endless Connectivity In The Future Of Gaming
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Ubisoft CEO Talks About Endless Connectivity In The Future Of Gaming

Listening to people talk about what they see in the future of gaming is always fascinating, especially when the ideas are really far out there. For this reason, we will never stop loving Peter Molyneux, regardless of what kooky things he says. People with ideas are thought provoking!


In an interview with The Guardian, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot talked about what he saw in our multiplatform future.

You should be able use whatever device you have, wherever you are, to continue a game. What I see for the future is that you'll be able to take console and PC titles wherever you are, whether that's the full experience or [a modified experience for smartphones] where you can prepare for the main game or react to things happening in the world.


If a game is always on, friends may have done something in the game world, and you need to react. We want to provide the possibility of being connected to game worlds and to act on a regular basis, either with friends or alone. Not every game will do it, but it's a feature that's needed – we all have smartphones and tablets and we want to be able to use those devices to interact with the experience. We need to be able to compete with friends either synchronously or asynchronously. It makes things much more fun and interesting.


The future in gaming, like most other technology, revolves around connectivity. The game never ends, both mechanically and in the sense that you have multiple ways of engaging with it even when you're not playing it. Kind of awesome, yet kind of scary, eh?



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