UC3: Shade Survival mode coming next week
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UC3: Shade Survival mode coming next week

Naughty Dog’s announced it’s to release Shade Survival mode for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception next week, March 13.

[UC3 spoilers abound]

The mode, teased last month, is a co-op mode where you take on swarms of the Djinn. In case you need a refresher, those are the fiery creatures that appeared near the end of the game. And a proper bastard to beat too.

You and a buddy will have to take on wave after wave of Djinn until you finish all eight rounds, with each round seeing the Djinn getting stronger and stronger with items like “extra armour and firepower.”

The mode will cost you $5.99 on its own, but is free for members of the Fortune Hunters’ Club.

Naughty Dog also confirmed on the US PS Blog the next bit of DLC, due next month, will be its final commitment to the FHC.

Get a video for Shade Survival below.



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