Valve Responds to German Consumer Rights Agency’s Demands
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Valve Responds to German Consumer Rights Agency’s Demands

Valve ran into trouble with the German Consumer Rights association, VZBV a few weeks ago over Steam's latest terms of service. Though they were certainly not the first to change their terms of service, the VZBV decided to single them out once they learned the change would deny users access to the games they bought on Steam if they declined the new agreement. The agency also disliked the fact that you can't transfer Steam accounts because it goes against a law that allows the re-selling of download digital software.

At the time, Valve did not respond to the German agency, even though they had only until September 26th to comply and change their rules.Cinemablend found out that Valve had actually been given an extended deadline to end now at October 10th to respond before the VZBV began...well, suing them. The VZBV also told Cinemablend that Valve had responded saying, "...we have got in the meantime a statement of Valve to our reproaches. Now we will decide during the next days our further steps. We will inform you about our further steps until the end of October."

Further prying for specifics left yielded no answers, and it seems bureaucracy is doing what it does best -- draw things out, so who knows if and when legal action will be taken by the VZBV. I can't see either side budging really, so it may be interesting to see where this will go.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Oct 12, 2012 at 9:49pm
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